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Endorses CORE:

Endorsed by CORE:

Core supports mass transit, Sound Transit, Sound Transit Light Rail, and Sound Transit Stride projects. CORE does not support Sound Transit's plan to build a dedicated bus lane on the east side of Bothell Way directly through the heart of our Community. To make room for this dedicated bus lane, Sound Transit must cut down as many as 400 trees, the vast majority 4" in diameter and larger, which essentially deforests the major roadway through our Community. Instead, we support Sound Transit using the same design they use on 145th St. between the South Shoreline Light Rail Station and the intersection of Bothell Way. This design uses Transit Q-pass lanes and signalized lights instead of dedicated bus lanes. This design is highly successful in reducing the transit time of busses during the afternoon weekday rush hour commute, which accounts for over 60% of the total time saved for bus riders going from Shoreline to Bothell.

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