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SR 522 NE 145 BRT Sound Transit Project

Stride S3 is Sound Transit's proposed new bus line serving Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, and Bothell; connecting to the new Link light raid station at Shoreline South/148th.  SR522/NE 145 BRT is the 1.2 mile segment in Lake Forest Park.

Before the Sound Transit 522/145 BRT Retaining Wall

Bothell Way Today Before SR 522 NE 145 BRT

After the Sound Transit SR522/145th BRT retaining Wall

Bothell Way Deforested After SR 522 NE 145 BRT

We propose that Sound Transit use Bus Queue

Jumps (bypasses) instead of a dedicated bus lane through our City. Bus Queue Jumps are special bus lanes, placed only at congested intersections, that give buses a head start over traffic.


Bus Queue Jumps allow for significantly improved bus service without a new dedicated full bus lane along Bothell Way. This will reduce the need for walls, as the road will not have to be widened along the full length of Bothell Way, reducing costs and impacts while helping to save our trees and our City.

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